Delicious “Guilt-Free” Chocolate now available!

Guilt-Free Chocolate in Burlington Jeanette L. Brooks of Xocai rejects the conventional wisdom about chocolate. While most people in Canada  including the USA  have accepted without question the idea that chocolate is the very antithesis of a healthy food, Jeanette decided to leverage the fact that dark  chocolate is healthy, and created the world’s first (and only) “Healthy Chocolate” company.

Jeanette also acknowledges that traditional chocolate candy sold in Canada and USA convenience stores is bad for us. It contains tropical oils, refined sugar, wax and a host of artificial flavors and colors. In fact, the chocolate we have all grown up with has very little actual chocolate.

Jeanette decided to find a way to create and promote a delicious and  healthy antioxidant chocolate. Jeanette aimed high. She didn’t set out to merely create a health-neutral chocolate; one that, though not harmful, was not exactly beneficial. She was determined to formulate a truly “healthy” chocolate.

It wasn’t easy. Jeanette and Xocai co-founder Andrew Brooks circled the globe researching cacao growers and chocolate processing operations. They discovered that the cacao bean with the highest concentration of antioxidants is grown in the Republic of Ivory Coast, Africa.

In order to transform the cacao bean into a delicious health-enhancing food, it was necessary to develop a process that did not require harmful additives. This was a significant hurdle. One of the main reasons that traditional chocolate is so bad for us is because harmful ingredients are used to process the super-healthy cacao bean. These ingredients are used as emulsifiers, preservatives, flavorings and cheap fillers.

Jeanette and her team invented a cold-press method that is unique to Xocai weight-loss chocolate. This processing method makes it possible to transform the cacao bean into an edible form that retains all the nutrients without adding the adverse ingredients. 

Empty calories?   Taboo for diabetics?   Artery-clogging?  Kosher laws? Vegan Restrictions?   Not with Xocai, the “Healthy” Chocolate  You can forget everything you ever learned about the world’s favorite food-Chocolate and now eat Xocai chocolate to your hearts content … with zero guilt.  And when you lick the creamy dark, chocolate off the tips of your fingers, you can thank Jeanette for that moment of bliss.

Is your mouth watering for a delicious, dark chocolate treat right now?  Call (905) 336-0018 to order Xocai in Toronto and surrounding areas or SKYPE for worldwide orders.