Eat Chocolate … lose weight?

August 16th, MXI lauched the most timely, unique product to date.  


An exciting NEW and  REVOLUTIONARY,   ONE OF A KIND,   WEIGHT-LOSS  product/system with emphasis on “WELLNESS” .     Whether you are looking for weight loss, weight mainenance, general good health and/or athletic performance …  recent clinical studies show it works!

With obesity at epidemic proportions and 2/3 of the population overweight (1/3 obese), MXI decided this is where they needed to focus their attention.  They decided to create a Wellness Division which would include a meal replacement bar, sugar-free milk chocolate and the best weight-loss program available today.

The XProtein Shake is a total meal replacement, HIGH ANTIOXIDANT, high protein, low carb  healthy chocolate shake geared to effective, healthy weight loss, weight maintenance and athletic performance.  

What’s in it ….only the best!

* Pure Cacao  (one of natures top antioxidant superfoods)

* Whey Protein Isolate, 21grams   (stimulates production of 2 appetite suppressing hormones and can help promote healthy blood sugar levels)

* Cocoa Fiber, 8 grams   (The only product with cocoa fiber as a primary fibre source, promotes saisfactin, suppresses appetite)    

* Plant based Omega essential oils,

* 19 amino acids (The building blocks of protein, assists in energy metabolism)

*  12 Vitamins (including Vit B-for brain and appetite control)

*  13 Minerals (including chromium, manganese and zinc for weight control)

*  Xylitol  (An effective alternative sweetener to sugar, promotes healthy glucose/insulin levels)

*  Fruit Sweet (A low-calorie, potent sweetener alternative that does not elevate blood sugar)

Chia Seed Oil   (Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, helps promote cleansing)

It’s a One of a Kind / Nutritious / Delicious / Economical / Convenient / Premium Chocolate that’s  loaded with antioxidants ( ORAC score of 55,000/ shake ).     It’s Physician Recommended and Approved and you get the results you want!

Merely introducing it was not enough. They decided to test it with 50 overweight people in a controlled clinical with one of the top weight-loss Doctors in the country. The results are stunning.

You can follow these people at, an update will be posted soon.

From a health perspective …. what could be nicer than to incorporate  delicious “Healthy” Chocolate into your daily diet, for weight loss, weight maintenance, general good health or increased athletic performance ?   If you want to learn more about this “healthy” line of Chocolate or how to become a “preferred” customer, click CONTACT and just ask!

From a different perspective… what could be simpler than to eat, talk, share chocolate with friends – and get paid for it?    When was the last time a company thanked you for referring someone to their product? 

MXI enjoyed a 20% growth this past year but this new program could very well take them into momentum. The Industry is prime for a new effective weight-loss program.   Being able to offer one that has the science behind it and the studies to prove it, is exciting.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to participate in a marketing plan that has proven itself … just click CONTACT and ask!


*  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   If you are pregnant, nursing on medicatino, have a medical condition, or are beginning a weight control system, consult your physician before using Xocai products.


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