Eco-Friendly Chocolate Business

Health Chocolate When it comes down to eco-responsibility, many companies talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk? I can’t speak for all  health supplement businesses, but I can tell you about MXI, the makers of Xocai The “Healthy” Chocolate.

The business practices of MXI are beneficial to both the people involved and the land which they inhabit. Take Cacao, the principal ingredient in Xocai antioxidant chocolate, it is  100 percent ethically traded.   Xocai buys cacao beans from small family-owned farms in Ivory Coast. The cacao farmers earn a fair wage and work in humane conditions. Xocai cacao growers do not use agricultural pesticides and their farming practices are environmentally sustainable.

The other main natural ingredient used to make Xocai dark chocolate is the acai berry. MXI purchases freeze-dried acai berries from cooperative farms in the Amazon rainforest. The Acai Palm is a low-maintenance rainforest tree. Unfortunately, in the past few generations, many Acai Palms have been cut down to clear the land for cattle pastures. The recent increase in global acai demand is now promoting the preservation of the Acai Palm. Local farmers have started planting new Acai Palms on their property to increase their acai harvest. As MXI continues to purchase greater quantities of freeze-dried acai pulp, rainforest economies are reaping the benefits.

In summary, MXI’s social responsibility can be seen in different ways: 

  •  Ivory Coast cacao growers are expanding their farms and increasing their profits from “healthy” chocolate demand.
  • South America acai growers are reversing deforestation while profiting from an indigenous, sustainable crop.
  • and… here at home, Xocai can provide a steady income stream for your own household economy !

Sounds good to me!

Rosemary Horvath
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
(905) 336-0018


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