X Power Squares and Brain Health?

Burlington Low Start-Up Cost Business Many of my fovorite “Healthy” Chocolate BLOG  articles have focused on the link between vascular health and antioxidant levels. Two of the most potent antioxidants are epicatechins and catechins.

Todays’   Chocolate BLOG article explores the link between antioxidants in chocolate and peak brain function. As it turns out, antioxidants improve brain function precisely because they promote healthy blood flow. A steady supply of blood brings oxygen to the brain. Cognitive functions such as memory, reasoning, and concentration are hampered when the brain is deprived of blood.

Numerous studies have shown the link between epicatechins and catechins on brain function,  for example:

The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine reported on a study that examined how flavanols affected mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s dementia.

“Overall, a great deal of evidence suggests that flavanols increase blood flow and perfusion of the brain. In addition, a number of experimental data also suggest that flavanols may delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as AD (Alzheimer’s Dementia) through a number of different mechanisms…The natural antioxidant flavanols decrease the incidence of vascular atrophy and offer many cardiovascular benefits in addition to counteracting oxidative stress via their antioxidant properties. Further, brain vascular atrophy and the development of MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) are directly linked.”

2010 Science News in a Science Daily’s article explains  “How Dark Chocolate May Guard Agains Brain Injury from Stroke” but also cautions on the type of chocolate

“The epicatechin found in dark chocolate is extremely sensitive to changes in heat and light” he says. “In the process of making chocolate, you have to make sure you don’t destroy it. Only few chocolates have the active ingredient. The fact that it says ‘dark chocolate’ is not sufficient.”

So you can see how Xocai’s unique, patented COLD Processed chocolate sets it apart from store bought chocolates.  Xocai’s XPower Squares stands above the Chocolate Crowd, click Xocai vs. Candy Chocolate and ready why.

It’s an easy choice for Epicatechin-rich Xocai X Power Squares as my favorite brain food.

MXI is not the only organization to recognize the link between antioxidants in cacao and cognitive function. In an article called “The Top 5 Brain Foods” found on the website brainready.com, minimally processed cacao beans are listed as number two. Guess what other super food makes an appearance? The acai berry!

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