Anti-Aging … What does that mean?

Reversing the hands of time?  Stopping the aging process?

Burlington Anti-Aging Launch

Could it mean simply … stopping or slowing the damaging effects of free radicals that cause rapid aging?    How does that work?

I’m certainly not the expert but Dr. Gordon Pedersen is.   Dr. Pedersen  is a world renowned expert in anti-aging medicine … and the brains behind MXI’s newest product.  He is flying in to Burlington, ON for the evening to explain.    He’ll talk about the why, the difference, the science and the power of these supplements … and what it can mean to you personally.

You bet I’m excited to attend the launch of MXI’s newest product XoVitalityanti-aging capsules.  These capsules are the first ‘cocoa capsules’ to hit the market.

Join me ( invite your family, friends to join you) if you want to learn more and be the first to hear about XoVitality.   Come as my guest (CHOCOLATE APPEAL) and I’ll make sure you get a sample pack of the most delicious, “healthiest” chocolate on the planet! Afterall, since you can’t overdose on anti-oxidants, when they aid and promote good health and have anti-aging benefits … why not enjoy them to the fullest.

Imagine … anti-oxidants with ChocolateAppeal!

Join me at the

Burlington Anti-Aging Launch

Wednesday, May 23, 2012   ( 7:30 pm9:30 pm )

The Burlington Hotel & Conference Center
3063 South Service Road
Burlington , Ontario

If you can’t make it Wed … contact me for a launch location near you.

To your health!

Rosemary –