Thank You, Bill O’Reilly – FOX News

Thank You Bill OReilly from Burlington Ontario, Canada

I happened to see that Bill O’Reilly mentioned Xe Drink on his broadcast last night.  He featured it in the ‘Tip of the Day‘ segment of The Factor.

As an Independent MXI-Xocai Distributor in Burlington Ontario, Canada, I just wanted to say…‘Thank you, Bill ‘ !

His comment has sparked more interest today and prompted people to check out Xocai’s Xe-Energy Drink.   Response has been enormous, people are talking and it’s thrilling to be able to share our healthy energy drink with so many people.

So now, what sets Xocai’s Xe-Energy drink apart from others?

The ingredients

  • Xoçai’s proprietary cold-processed cacao
  • Delivers acai and a superfruit blend of antioxidant superfruits such as wild blueberry, wolfberry, and elderberry
  • Features a unique Energy Blend of theobromine, ginseng, guarana, yerba mate and quercetin

the Benefits

  • Delivers an all-natural energy boost without harsh stimulants
  • Promotes mental energy
  • Kick-starts metabolism
  • Provides superior antioxidant support
  • it’s delicious!

the Flavonoid content 744mg/can

and the  ORACfn score 41,008 /can … outstanding!    

What other Energy drink can even match that?

The interesting thing is that Xocai also produces the worlds’ 1st  true “Healthy” Chocolate ” and has an incredible “Weight-Loss” Program to boot … YES, eating healthy chocolate can aid in weight loss!

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To your health!

Rosemary Horvath

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