Why Xocai For Burlington, for Canada, or at all?

Why Xocai For Burlington Ontario, Canada There are plenty of health foods on the Toronto market, or any market today.    So … what’s so special about Xocai healthy chocolate?

Antioxidant Content
Raw cacao has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any other known food. Antioxidants improve health by boosting your immune system, supporting vascular function, reducing cellular damage, increasing energy, etc. Every system and organ in the body benefits from antioxidants. In addition to raw cacao (Nature’s #1 antioxidant food ), Xocai also contains acai berry (Nature’s # 2 antioxidant food).

Patented Manufacturing Process
Only MXI preserves the natural nutrients in Toronto Xocai healthy chocolate by using a cold-processing method. Other chocolate manufacturers use methods that kill much of the natural nutrients in raw cacao. The result is a substance that bears little chemical resemblance to natural cacao.

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Is FOOD … Not Candy
Because MXI chocolate is a potent health food, you can eat Xocai as a meal. You don’t need to feel guilty about it or limit your intake. If you currently enjoy chocolate regularly, learn about the difference, replace your unhealthy chocolate with Xocai pure dark chocolate and experience the health benefits of Xocai.

Xocai Offers a Full Line of Healthy Chocolate Products
MXI makes a  healthy chocolate product for every kind of chocolate enthusiast. Visit the ChocolateAppeal site and click  PRODUTS  for descriptions and nutritional information for each Xocai healthy chocolate product.   Ask about the Preferred Customer Program/Prices.

MXI Healthy Chocolate is a Clean Food Product
Xocai does not add dangerous chemicals or cheap fillers to its products. You get pure dark chocolate and acai berries.

Hundreds of Scientific Studies Validate the Benefits of Dark Chocolate
A few minutes of Internet research can confirm dark chocolate’s standing in the medical and scientific community, i.e. Chocolate Health Info and The Science of Chocolate.

Third Party Certification
Brunswick Labs, the premier testing organization for antioxidant foods, certifies the Xocai nutritional data.

The Toronto Xocai Opportunity Makes Sense
Xocai’s parent company, MXI Corp. is a stable, debt-free company. The Xocai Europe business opportunity is based on a healthy company, a recession-proof market, and a one-of-a-kind product.  It’s the perfect combination of Product, Science, Timing, Company and Opportunity. Check it out … www.ChocolateAppeal.com

Imagine … a food (and business) with “Healthy” Chocolate Appeal … how sweet is that?


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