Three Cheers For The Family Dog!

Three Cheers For The Family Dog In Europe

All good parents want their children to be safe and healthy. Those of us in the Burlington area spend a good chunk of income on keeping kids healthy.  Between visits to Ontario pediatricians for … routine children checkups; buying vitamins & medicines; making sure they get enough exercise and (their favorite) replacing candy snacks  with “healthy” chocolate.

But here is something that Ontario and other Canadian parents may not even have thought of  ….  having man’s (kid’s?) best friend in the home.

A group of Finnish researchers have recently found that parents reported fewer illnesses and less need for antibiotics for their babies where there was a dog in the household.

Benefits were also associated with cats, but not as much as with dogs – and especially dogs that spend much of their time outside.

The researchers are unclear exactly why a pet dog is linked to these health benefits. It could have something to do with the animal itself, or it could be the bacteria and germs they carry, giving just the right amount of exposure to infants to help create healthy intestinal flora and immune system.

Also, most participants in the study who had dogs lived in rural environments, and those without dogs lived in more urban settings, perhaps this has something to do with the study results as well. The Finnish study found the health benefits were evident with early exposure (during the first 12 months of life).

* On a side note, remember that pets are not recommended for Europeans with serious asthma or respiratory issues.

* On another side note,  if you still want that loving pet … I found many of my collegues and their children have benefited from Xocai XPowerSquares and XoBiotics to improve many of their inflammatory conditions.  Hard to believe?  See what science says!

So…Three cheers for the family pet – and Chocolate! (Well maybe just two cheers for cats.)


The following online article was used as source material for this blog:
Daniel J.DeNoon, “Many Babies Healthier in Homes with Dogs”, WebMD,, accessed on July 16, 2012.

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