Xocai Scam Report – Burlington Ontario, Canada

Xocai Scam Report For Burlington Ontario, Canada

Xocai Scam Reports are becoming a problem here in Burlington Ontario, Canada. MLMs make easy targets for Canadian and American scammers because of the many competing companies out there (many who are unscrupulous when it comes to seeking new recruits with doubtful news).

One of the most common scam report strategies here in Burlington or anywhere across North America is for an MLM distributor to post an article announcing a ‘chocolate scam‘ or other misleading headline, and then working to recruit curious people into a competing MLM. This is known as a ‘pirate’ tactic in the MLM community, and is really a scam in and of itself.

You see, chocolate scam reports, and announcements of Xocai scams are little more than sensational headlines designed to catch your eye. Upon evaluation, most Xocai skeptics will see that we have a great product to sell at a fair market price, with a wonderful opportunity to build and grow your own home business. It’s not a scam; there are thousands of people in the Xocai family, many of them in and around Burlington Ontario, Canada … and they stay because we have created a good, honest business around selling one of the world’s healthiest chocolate FOOD treats.

So if you are browsing the internet in Burlington and come across a warning about the Xocai scam in Norway, or a skeptical review of Xocai in Oslo, bear in mind that most of these efforts are being presented by scammers who are more interested in selling their own products than in presenting an honest review of our products.

If you have any questions about a chocolate scam that you might have heard of, or specific news about a Xocai scam that you are worried about …. please contact me directly; I’m happy to answer your questions.

Watch for our white paper titled ‘MLM Scam Report’;  We are working on it and hope to release it very soon.

In the meantime … “Change your Chocolate” and join our growing team of healthy chocoholics.

I’m Rosemary Horvath and proud to be a  Burlington-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor since 2008 with a growing business in Canada, USA and now worldwide.  This business allows me to work from home while offering financial security through residual income and the freedom to pursue my dreams.   If this appeals to you too … I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned!

Contact me at Rosemary@ChocolateAppeal.com  or call (905) 336-0018