6 Fun Day-Off-School Activities For Canada Kids

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Many elementary schools in Toronto seem to have more random days off than in years past. Sometimes these days can catch parents off guard. What to do when your kids are going to be home all day in the middle of the week? Well …  if you didn’t schedule any appointments with your Burlington pediatrician or dentist for a check-up, then try one of these fun ideas to keep your kids active and healthy on their days off.

1. Help them make a treasure hunt, indoors our out, depending on the weather. Once they’re done they can invite friends over to find the treasure (the treasure can be almost anything, since the real prize is following the clues!). When the hunt is over, serve a small picnic for the hungry hunters.

2. Hold an art exhibit. Get out the paints and modeling clay and then let your kids spend the morning creating works of art to display.

3. Healthy kids are active kids, so help them plan a kid Olympics! Give them the freedom to choose how to judge and award medals, then sit back and watch them wear themselves out!

4. Have a family history day. Encourage your kids to write in their journals and ask them to share some favorite family stories that you can record in their own words. If you have stories of your ancestors, this is a good time to share them with your kids.

5. Go visit a local Canada, USA, or Europe museum, historical site, petting zoo, or aquarium. Remember, this is a day to do something with your kids that you’ve always been putting off, so do it!

6. Visit a resident of a local Toronto convalescent home. Some elderly men and women rarely get visitors. Your kids will feel good about brightening someone’s day. They could bring them flowers or an original piece of art. (See activity number 2.)

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