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“Healthy” Aging – XoPhoria Explained

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Change your skin – Change your life  … It’s true!

 If you’re interested in looking great and feeling even better… listen in on this interview with Kerry Dean on Awesome Life Radio (click Change your Skin – Change your Life  – starts at 2:30 min, Kerry is introduced at 4:30 min).   Kerry talks about this revolutionary Skin Care System – the world’s 1st in Neurocosmetics.  WHY it works and HOW it can work for you.

I’ve been on the XoPhoria Skin Cream now for 2 weeks and HAVE noticed my skin is very smooth and fine lines are fewer. That alone makes me feel GREAT! …  Try it yourself!

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Yes, I’m proud to be part of this exceptional company and happy to tell you about the advantages I’ve found in being a Customer … and the even greater advantages of being a Business Partner with Kerry and other outstanding women and men.


6 Fun Day-Off-School Activities For Canada Kids

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Top Home Businesses In Europe

Many elementary schools in Toronto seem to have more random days off than in years past. Sometimes these days can catch parents off guard. What to do when your kids are going to be home all day in the middle of the week? Well …  if you didn’t schedule any appointments with your Burlington pediatrician or dentist for a check-up, then try one of these fun ideas to keep your kids active and healthy on their days off.

1. Help them make a treasure hunt, indoors our out, depending on the weather. Once they’re done they can invite friends over to find the treasure (the treasure can be almost anything, since the real prize is following the clues!). When the hunt is over, serve a small picnic for the hungry hunters.

2. Hold an art exhibit. Get out the paints and modeling clay and then let your kids spend the morning creating works of art to display.

3. Healthy kids are active kids, so help them plan a kid Olympics! Give them the freedom to choose how to judge and award medals, then sit back and watch them wear themselves out!

4. Have a family history day. Encourage your kids to write in their journals and ask them to share some favorite family stories that you can record in their own words. If you have stories of your ancestors, this is a good time to share them with your kids.

5. Go visit a local Canada, USA, or Europe museum, historical site, petting zoo, or aquarium. Remember, this is a day to do something with your kids that you’ve always been putting off, so do it!

6. Visit a resident of a local Toronto convalescent home. Some elderly men and women rarely get visitors. Your kids will feel good about brightening someone’s day. They could bring them flowers or an original piece of art. (See activity number 2.)

I love the idea that I’m helping Canadian families raise healthy, happy kids.  Issues such as proper nutrition for children and childhood obesity in Europe concern me.  That’s one reason I’m the owner of a Burlington area home business that promotes and distributes “Healthy” Chocolate – Chocolate that’s actually good for kids (and adults).  Rich in anti-oxidants, nutrition and great taste.

If you are interested in learning more about “Healthy” Chocolate, visit my web site at

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Rosemary Horvath
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
(905) 336-0018


Anti-Aging in America

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Burlington Low Risk Home Based BusinessThere are over 39 million Americans in the 65+ age group; about 13%  of the population. This number will increase to 72 million by the year 2030 ( According to Senior Journal, about 7 out of 10 senior citizens are worried about their health.

The Centers for Disease Control reported that more than 40 % of people aged 50 – 64 said they have problems with at least one of nine physical functions. (MSNBC on Baby Boomers). Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease are the biggies.

Xocai “Healthy” Chocolate products can help protect men and women from many health threats.  Why is that?  It’s mainly because Xocai chocolate is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants counter free radical cell damage which is linked to most age-related diseases.

I like this description of free radical damage found in an article from the Harvard School of Public Health:

“Free radicals come in many shapes, sizes, and chemical configurations. What they all share is a voracious appetite for electrons, stealing them from any nearby substances that will yield them. This electron theft can radically alter the “loser’s” structure or function.

Free radical damage can change the instructions coded in a strand of DNA. It can make a circulating low-density lipoprotein (LDL, sometimes called bad cholesterol) molecule more likely to get trapped in an artery wall. Or it can alter a cell’s membrane, changing the flow of what enters the cell and what leaves it.”

Antioxidant products are being snapped up by people in Burlington, across Canada, USA … and everywhere. People who are concerned about age-related health conditions and love chocolate … love Xocai.  This trend will only increase as North American baby boomers get older.

Love Chocolate … then chose Xocai, The “Healthy” Chocolate. Appreciate good health … then CHANGE YOUR CHOCOLATE and order direct at   There’s also a great program for “Preferred Customers” that will save you money and better yet … own your own Toronto health business that distributes the best-tasting antioxidant product on the market: Xocai antioxidant chocolate.   If you like the idea of a Home Business with ChocolateAppeal … Call (905) 336-0018 Rosemary and I’ll fill you in.


Why Xocai For Burlington, for Canada, or at all?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Why Xocai For Burlington Ontario, Canada There are plenty of health foods on the Toronto market, or any market today.    So … what’s so special about Xocai healthy chocolate?

Antioxidant Content
Raw cacao has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any other known food. Antioxidants improve health by boosting your immune system, supporting vascular function, reducing cellular damage, increasing energy, etc. Every system and organ in the body benefits from antioxidants. In addition to raw cacao (Nature’s #1 antioxidant food ), Xocai also contains acai berry (Nature’s # 2 antioxidant food).



Is “Healthy” Chocolate just a fad?

Monday, August 13th, 2012

With all the new scientific studies that are now being done and the incredible results that are they are showing, we can confidently say … Xocai “Healthy” Chocolate is not only delicious … but good for you!   It is very high in antioxidants  and at least 70% in cocoa.

Read what some of the Science says.

So, what does that mean to you?   The powerful affect of antioxidants have been shown to lower the risk of cancers and heart disease, 2 major causes of health concerns today.

BUT … not all chocolate is created equal!

Common processed chocolate is laden with fat, wax, fillers, preservatives and sugar.  The extreme heat used in regular processing, destroys the super antioxidants naturally occurring in the cacao.

 Xoçai …. is different!

Due to the fact that the Xoçai™ (pronounced show-sigh) products contain completely natural European unprocessed cacao powder which is found in the Ivory Coast, it retains 100% of its antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and nutritional value!    Then when you add the acai berry, also found in the Amazon Rain Forest (plus the blueberry and concord grape) which are also very high in antioxidants you can begin to see why we are calling Xocai chocolate ‘healthy’ and why so many are so excited to share this news with the world!

Just look at some of the health benefits that many scientific studies are now showing is directly related in the eating of ‘healthy chocolate’…

• Boosts Respiratory Function (Asthma/Breathing)
• Helps (Joint) Inflammation (Cox 2 Inhibitor)
• Histamine Blocker (Alleviates Allergies)
• Appetite Suppressant (Weight Loss)
• Studies Have Shown … Decreases LDL “Bad” Cholesterol
• Studies Have Shown … Prevents Gum Disease and Cavities
• Studies Have Shown … Controls Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
• High In Fiber (Regularity)
• Subdues Heartburn (Natural Zantac)
• Supplies Essential Oils
• Studies Have Shown … Regulates Blood Pressure
• Benefits Skin And Hair
• Increases Serotonin Levels (Mood Enhancer, Depression)
• Diabetic Friendly
• Caffeine Free
• Kosher Certified
• Gluten-free And Trans-Fat Free
• No Artificial Colors Or Flavors
• No Preservatives, Waxes Or Fillers
• Extremely High In Antioxidants, Neutralizing Free Radicals
• Lactose Intolerant Friendly
• Vegetarians And Vegans Friendly

Do you see any health areas that you, your family, or your friends could use help in? Do you know of an easier and more delicious way to do it?    Imagine the good that could result by making Xoçai™ dark chocolate a part of your daily balanced diet plan.

The best proof is in the … chocolate.  Try Xoçai™ yourself,   see and experience what others are discovering by making their lives healthier and happier.   How sweet is that!

Order direct or contact me about our Special Promotions.

To your health!    Rosemary


Is Xocai Chocolate … Health or Hoax?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Toronto Million Dollar IndustryMost of all health supplement advertisements are really full of outrageous claims.  Think about it … How many health products are   ‘miracles’ or ‘breakthroughs‘ ?   If every Canadian diet pill, USA energy supplement and European anti-aging formula sold anywhere worked as promised, most of our health problems would magically disappear. Everyone in Canada, USA and/or Europe would be thin, healthy and perpetually 18 years-old.

So … What about Xocai – The “Healthy”  Chocolate?



February is “Heart Health” Month – for Kids too!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Did you know ...

Children’s Heart Disease RiskA growing number of Ontario, Canadian kids (& children worldwide)  are developing high cholesterol, high triglycerides and type 2 diabetes which are all risk factors for heart disease.  The trend is growing, as seen by many family physicians.  Just look at some of the numerous articles offering information on this growing trend (i.e. Children and Heart disease) .  According to AHA (The American Heart Association) there is credible evidence that cholesterol buildup in arteries begins in childhood. (i.e. AHA Scientific Statement) (more…)


Dr. Mike Kennedy – Why Xocai?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I’m sure your first question could be … Who is Dr. Kennedy?

Dr. Kennedy is a licensed Medical Doctor who is board certified in Family Practice and Bariatric medicine (weight loss).  He is a diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice and Diplomate of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Kennedy has over 30 years of experience in private practice, urgent care, occupational medicine, wellness programs, weight management programs, preventive medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, medical motivation and patient enducation.

Thousands of people have been trained and educated by Dr. Kennedy via television, lectures and through his own practice (in areas of eating disorders, power to influence, weight loss, stress management and smoke cessation).  Most importantly, he understands weight management … because he has lost excess weight and kept it off! (more…)


Dr. Gordon Pedersen joins forces with MXI!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Who is Dr. Gordon Pederson?

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

IN A NUTSHELL:   Dr. Gordon Pedersen graduated with a Ph.D from the Toxicology Program at Utah State University.  He has a Master’s Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness.  He has served as the Director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine and was nominated to chair the United States Pharmacopoeia Review Board Natural Products Committee.

With a Doctorate in Medical Toxicology, Dr. Pedersen is recognized as a world expert on Nutritional Supplements and Alternative Medicine.   He has a wide variety of experience in both research and develeopment and public speaking, having formulated over 150 products and given lectures worldwide.  (more…)


Why Are North American Home Businesses Booming?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The Ontario, Canada network marketing industry (much like the US)  is creating millionaires faster than ever before.Why Are USA Home Businesses Booming?

In fact, Paul Zane Pilzer recently wrote  The Next Millionaires  “The emerging industries of wellness and direct selling are combining to create the next generation of wealth”  .   

Massive layoffs have forced hundreds of  wage-earners to become home business entrepreneurs.

Men and women who were punching a time-clock in 2007 are now receiving checks from direct sales and processing product orders from the comfort of their home.

It’s a classic example of resourceful entrepreneurs turning economic lemons into lucrative home business lemonade.

Health and Wellness is on the minds of most aging baby boomers and when you have a unique, exceptional product like “Healthy” Chocolate – supported by science … it’s so much easier today to get the message out quickly, clearly and effectively.