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“Healthy” Aging – XoPhoria Explained

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Change your skin – Change your life  … It’s true!

 If you’re interested in looking great and feeling even better… listen in on this interview with Kerry Dean on Awesome Life Radio (click Change your Skin – Change your Life  – starts at 2:30 min, Kerry is introduced at 4:30 min).   Kerry talks about this revolutionary Skin Care System – the world’s 1st in Neurocosmetics.  WHY it works and HOW it can work for you.

I’ve been on the XoPhoria Skin Cream now for 2 weeks and HAVE noticed my skin is very smooth and fine lines are fewer. That alone makes me feel GREAT! …  Try it yourself!

Learn more  about “Health from the Outside – In” … click XoPhoria,

Learn more about “Health from the Inside – Out … click  Xocai,  The “Healthy” Chocolate.

ORDER Direct or CALL me Rosemary (905) 336-0018  about some great savings in the AUGUST PROMOTIONS!

Yes, I’m proud to be part of this exceptional company and happy to tell you about the advantages I’ve found in being a Customer … and the even greater advantages of being a Business Partner with Kerry and other outstanding women and men.


6 Fun Day-Off-School Activities For Canada Kids

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Top Home Businesses In Europe

Many elementary schools in Toronto seem to have more random days off than in years past. Sometimes these days can catch parents off guard. What to do when your kids are going to be home all day in the middle of the week? Well …  if you didn’t schedule any appointments with your Burlington pediatrician or dentist for a check-up, then try one of these fun ideas to keep your kids active and healthy on their days off.

1. Help them make a treasure hunt, indoors our out, depending on the weather. Once they’re done they can invite friends over to find the treasure (the treasure can be almost anything, since the real prize is following the clues!). When the hunt is over, serve a small picnic for the hungry hunters.

2. Hold an art exhibit. Get out the paints and modeling clay and then let your kids spend the morning creating works of art to display.

3. Healthy kids are active kids, so help them plan a kid Olympics! Give them the freedom to choose how to judge and award medals, then sit back and watch them wear themselves out!

4. Have a family history day. Encourage your kids to write in their journals and ask them to share some favorite family stories that you can record in their own words. If you have stories of your ancestors, this is a good time to share them with your kids.

5. Go visit a local Canada, USA, or Europe museum, historical site, petting zoo, or aquarium. Remember, this is a day to do something with your kids that you’ve always been putting off, so do it!

6. Visit a resident of a local Toronto convalescent home. Some elderly men and women rarely get visitors. Your kids will feel good about brightening someone’s day. They could bring them flowers or an original piece of art. (See activity number 2.)

I love the idea that I’m helping Canadian families raise healthy, happy kids.  Issues such as proper nutrition for children and childhood obesity in Europe concern me.  That’s one reason I’m the owner of a Burlington area home business that promotes and distributes “Healthy” Chocolate – Chocolate that’s actually good for kids (and adults).  Rich in anti-oxidants, nutrition and great taste.

If you are interested in learning more about “Healthy” Chocolate, visit my web site at

If you are interested in a “Healthy” Home Business that will help provide the little (or a lot of) extra’s without financial pressure, on your time, anytime … call me at (905) 336-0018.

Rosemary Horvath
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
(905) 336-0018


Xocai Scam Report – Burlington Ontario, Canada

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Xocai Scam Report For Burlington Ontario, Canada

Xocai Scam Reports are becoming a problem here in Burlington Ontario, Canada. MLMs make easy targets for Canadian and American scammers because of the many competing companies out there (many who are unscrupulous when it comes to seeking new recruits with doubtful news).

One of the most common scam report strategies here in Burlington or anywhere across North America is for an MLM distributor to post an article announcing a ‘chocolate scam‘ or other misleading headline, and then working to recruit curious people into a competing MLM. This is known as a ‘pirate’ tactic in the MLM community, and is really a scam in and of itself. (more…)


Thank You, Bill O’Reilly – FOX News

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Thank You Bill OReilly from Burlington Ontario, Canada

I happened to see that Bill O’Reilly mentioned Xe Drink on his broadcast last night.  He featured it in the ‘Tip of the Day‘ segment of The Factor.

As an Independent MXI-Xocai Distributor in Burlington Ontario, Canada, I just wanted to say…‘Thank you, Bill ‘ !

His comment has sparked more interest today and prompted people to check out Xocai’s Xe-Energy Drink.   Response has been enormous, people are talking and it’s thrilling to be able to share our healthy energy drink with so many people.

So now, what sets Xocai’s Xe-Energy drink apart from others?

The ingredients

  • Xoçai’s proprietary cold-processed cacao
  • Delivers acai and a superfruit blend of antioxidant superfruits such as wild blueberry, wolfberry, and elderberry
  • Features a unique Energy Blend of theobromine, ginseng, guarana, yerba mate and quercetin

the Benefits

  • Delivers an all-natural energy boost without harsh stimulants
  • Promotes mental energy
  • Kick-starts metabolism
  • Provides superior antioxidant support
  • it’s delicious!

the Flavonoid content 744mg/can

and the  ORACfn score 41,008 /can … outstanding!    

What other Energy drink can even match that?

The interesting thing is that Xocai also produces the worlds’ 1st  true “Healthy” Chocolate ” and has an incredible “Weight-Loss” Program to boot … YES, eating healthy chocolate can aid in weight loss!

Here are a few other links that might be of interest,  geared for interest in “Healthy” Chocolate  –  Diet  –  Energy  and  Aging.


To your health!

Rosemary Horvath

P.S.   If you’re thinking of a PLAN B with great business potential, check out  “Healthy” Business.   Working with MXI as a global business allows me to work from home, part-time / full time / anytime and build worldwide (Canada, U.S., Europe, Asia) with great rewards.

Would you like more info on business?  Feel free to Contact me




Want your own DOMAIN name?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Having your own .com name is easier than you think.

Go Daddy is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways I’ve found to set up an account and use it for my Website/s.

Getting started is simple … think about what sets you apart. Think of several names you feel represent you and your business (your perfect name may have already been found by someone else). Be creative and find a name that’s easy to say, remember and spell! Once you’ve found the perfect name, you can easily create your new Site/Blog or transfer your existing site to your new name. (more…)